Long Island Sound

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The recipient of all of the drainage from the Thames River is Long Island Sound. An estuary is a body of water where fresh water and sea water meet. Congress designated Long Island Sound an Estuary of National Significance in 1987.

The Long Island Sound Study is a partnership to restore and protect the sound. The Long Island Sound Study, sponsored by EPA and the states of Connecticut and New York, has developed a Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan to restore and protect the health of Long Island Sound.

Groups that are involved in improving coastal conditions in Long Island Sound include:
The Connecticut Fund for the Environment Save the Sound program. This organization produces an annual report card on the health of Long Island Sound and sponsors the Soundkeeper program.
Niantic River Watershed Committee
Clean Up Sound and Harbor (CUSH)

The Southeastern Connecticut Coastline includes Stonington, Groton, New London, Waterford and East Lyme.

Documents related to water quality in the tributaries to the Long Island Sound eastern coastal watershed areas include:
Baker Cove Watershed Based Plan
Niantic River Watershed Based Plan Guided Summary