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Why Become A Partner?

The Thames River Basin Partnership (TRBP) is a regional conservation partnership focused on shared natural resource conservation goals within the greater Thames River watershed in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. There is no cost to participate in the meetings but the benefits compound exponentially with every meeting you participate in.

Why build a local partnership?

  • TRBP meetings are the best way to keep up to date on conservation efforts within the watershed. The meetings are structured to allow time for interagency networking.

  • You will expand your organizations outreach through links on the TRBP website and/or social media updates.

  • Your organizations efforts will be promoted through the TRBP Partnership Partners in Action Report e-newsletter, or through opportunities to give special presentations at TRBP quarterly meetings or keynoting at the annual TRBP Floating Workshop.

  • Partnerships are a key to effective watershed management. Through partner synergy, different people and organizations bring in their expertise and work together to address common interests and concerns.

  • A partnership is the easiest way to develop and implement a successful watershed management plan because everyone is involved from the beginning. That means the final plan will truly have the consensus of all parties who have a stake in the watershed.

  • The Thames River Basin Partnership is your local access to making a difference in one of the truly most beautiful places we know.

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