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Education and Outreach

Eagleville Brook TMDL Fact Sheet



General Nutrient, Impoundment and Hydrodynamics background on the Thames Watershed from the USGS

Online Slide Shows

The Thames River Basin Partnership has developed a brochure on Backyard Conservation, and one on buffers for streams, lakes, and ponds. Both of these have been developed for homeowners.  You can view these brochures on this website or receive them by mail if you prefer. The two publications are below. The second one was produced for the TRBP by the Natural Resource Conservation Service: 

"Vegetated Buffer Strips for Streams, Lakes, Ponds"acrobat(This file is 2200KB and, depending on your internet access, takes some time to download)

"Our Environment Begins with Your Yard"acrobat

One of our Partners, the ECCD, has an extensive library where you can find among other publications the following:


Forest Birds of the Last Green Valley, an excellent new book created by the Bird Conservatioin Research, Inc., and sponsored by the QSHC. The TRBP sponsored one of the featured indicator birds- the Lousiana Waterthrush.




Also please check out:


Getting in Step: A Guide for Conducting watershed Outreach Campaigns. This, and other watershed outreach materials, can be found in the ECCD library or accessed online here.

In addition you can view two large files (up to 3MB) slideshows. The first, given by Dave Kozak of the DEP, gives an excellent breakdown of development along the Thames:

"Land Cover, Protected Open Space, and Public Access in the Lower Thames River Basin (TRB)."

The second slide show includes an overview for a successful Brownfield remediation project from the DEP's Elsie Patton, called:

      "Connecticut Remediation Programs."acrobat

Files with the icon above are Adobe Acrobat Files. Adobe Reader is necessary to view and print them. To download the free software, click here. This link will also provide information and instructions for downloading and installing the reader.